Why Four Crowns?

A sculptor in the classical tradition, Andrew Wilson Smith brings passion and a deep knowledge of theology and its expression to his work.” 
— Duncan Stroik, Architect

Andrew Smith collaborates with several notable architectural firms to provid custom artwork that harmonizes with the built environment. Design, fabrication, and timely installation are all part of the package. Architects such as Duncan Stroik, James McCrery, and Thomas Gordon Smith have utilized Smith’s talents.

“Andrew Smith designed and executed an impressive series of hand-carved sculptures for our monastic church. This was all successfully completed several years ago. Andrew studied sculpture in Europe and has completed a number of works in the United States and abroad. I highly recommend him as an artist and teacher, as I have also had the occasion to witness his ability to inspire young people.” 
— Philip Anderson, Abbot

Four Crowns Atelier is committed to understanding the particular needs of each client. Religious communities and academic institutions have worked with Smith to create works of art that express their values and ideals.